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John St. Claire: Tao of the Beatles

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John Album picWelcome to my Music Home Page.  

I have a variety of musical interests and you can find out about them all here.

If you like Fingerstyle Guitar music then please check out my newly released CD, Tao of the Beatles.  There are interesting stories about each tune.

Of course music is best experienced live and you can see all my upcoming performances here.

Speaking of live music, I have a stage built into my house and have regular house concerts with world class musicians performing here..  It's an opportunity see and hear music in an intimate way that few people ever experience.  

Normally there's always a third party trying to make money from an artist's talent, selling, tickets, drinks and food.  Here, there are no distractions and 100% of everyone's attention is on the artist.  In response, the musicians feel "really heard" and pour out their soul through their music in ways that you just can't experience in a commercial venue.  Plus there are big comfy chairs.

If you'd like to learn to play a musical instrument, I teach guitar, bass, piano, violin, mandolin, ukulele, banjo and Native American flute at Moonlight Music in Encinitas.  

I have a high tech studio with resources that most folks have never imagined.  My favorite thing is to teach someone how to play any song they want in half an hour, regardless of their skill level.  It is so much fun that it's difficult for me to imagine ever not doing it.

In the past, I've done music and sound design for plays, commercials, and feature films, which really tuned me into the effect that sound has on our states of being.  

If you're interested in learning more about sound healing please visit my other site, tibetanbowlhealer.com